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Mission Status
2010 Estonia Crusade
2009 Israel Crusade
2006 New York Crusade
2006 Congo Crusade
2004 Peru Crusade
2004 Germany Crusade
2003 Russia Crusade
2002 India Crusade
2002 Honduras Crusade
2001 Philippines Crusade
2001 Kenya Crusade
2000 Pakistan Crusade
2000 Nagoya, Japan Crusade
2000 Uganda Crusade
Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
2000 Uganda
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Fiery works of the Holy Spirit unceasingly manifested in the name of Jesus Christ through the ministry of Manmin have been proving that the One and Only Savior of all mankind is Jesus Christ, and all that is recorded in the Bible is truthful.

Wherever the crusades were held, they were said to be the Greatest and the most excellent, attended by the most number of people in history, covering the whole world with the power of God.

Great Crusades

[The 2000 Uganda Pastors' Conference and Holy Gospel Crusade]
Held in the capital city of Kampala, "The 2000 Uganda Pastors' Conference and Holy Gospel Crusade with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee" that engulfed the central African nation established a beachhead for further mission work in the rest of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The world-renowned news outlet Cable News Network (CNN) paid special attention to the proceedings of the Crusade and reported them to the rest of the world. The Crusade served as the first signal for the explosive mission work that would be identified with Manmin in the years to come.

[The 2000 Nagoya Miracle Convention in Japan]
Held in the fourth largest city of a nation of more than 8 million idols, the Convention brought forth wondrous manifestations of God's power to Japan. Among many instances documented of divine healing, in one particular noticeable case 10 deaf-mutes simultaneously received God's complete healing immediately upon receiving prayer. The Convention also offered the Japanese a glimpse of Korea's unrivaled taste in Christian culture.

[The 2000 Pakistan Church Leaders' Conference and Healing Crusade]
Held in the city of Lahore, this Crusade's significance can be measured and defined, among many other factors, by the fact that it took place in a predominantly Islamic nation that is largely hostile to Christianity. The Punjab provincial government was forced to withdraw its permission of the Crusade from the pressure and threats from Muslims but for the unwavering Manmin Mission Team who showed their faith in Him through praise, God had prepared a high-ranking government official, unlocked the chain-locked gate, and allowed for the Crusade to proceed as planned. Participants, most of them of Islamic faith, who saw this series of events unfolding before their eyes praised and gave great glory to God, converted to Christianity, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

[The 2001 Kenya Church Leaders' Conference and Holy Gospel Crusade]
In Nairobi, considered by many to be one of the most significant gateways to Africa, the Crusade bought together more than 300,000 people, easily making it the largest crusade of its kind in Kenya's Christian history. Many media outlets, including the prestigious daily The Independent of the United Kingdom reported and helped promote the Crusade while the government-run KBC TV & Radio, the Associated Press, and other prominent covered the event, broadcast live and rebroadcast the Crusade even after it came to a close.

[The 2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and United Crusade]
Held at Luneta Park in the capital city of Manila in a country in which over 80% of its population is Catholic, the Crusade, accompanied throughout by the fiery work of the Holy Spirit served to testify in all certainty to the living God and to Jesus Christ the Savior of all mankind. The duration of the Crusade fell in the middle of a rainy season but in stark contrast to the local forecast, a typhoon swerved away from the site of the Crusade, which took place amidst good weather, and when the press and all the participants took notice of it, they were astonished. God also affirmed His constant presence with the Mission Team with many rainbows in different shapes.

[The 2002 Honduras Pastors' Conference and Miracle Healing Crusade]
Held at Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, the second biggest city in Honduras, the Crusade was the largest of its kind in the nation's Christian history and gave great glory to God. JBN TV of Honduras alone received more than 5,000 testimonies, including the healing of AIDS, that more than sufficed to reveal the impact of the Crusade in Central and South America. The 2002 Crusade is also credited with not only having brought together the churches in Honduras but also served as a turning point that placed the people of Honduras back on the path to true faith. One journalist, in his awe, termed the Crusade and its effect as "Hurricane Jesus."

[The 2002 Miracle Healing Prayer Festival in India]
Held at Marina Beach in the city where Thomas, one of Jesus' 12 disciples, died a martyr's death, was recorded as having been the biggest, the largest, and the greatest crusade in the history of Christianity. Despite an ordinance issued by the Tamil Nadu state government, aimed exclusively at the Crusade and banning religious conversion, the 4-day event brought together more than 3 million people and effectively left a lasting mark not just in the history of Christianity in India but in the history of Christianity in the world as well. Countless Hindus in attendance at the Crusade received God's healing, converted, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, thereby reclaiming the blood of the martyr who died some two millennia ago.

[The 2003 Russia Miracle Healing Festival]
In a city noted for art and culture, the Festival took place as an official event of St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary celebrations and with the backing and interest of the entire city. The Festival renewed the hearts of those who had been under 70 years of Communist rule and was relayed to the rest of Russia as well as 144 nations around the world via satellite. It is to this today thought to have brought forth great spiritual revolution to a land that had long been asleep.

[The 2004 Germany Healing Festival]
The Festival, held at Oberhausen near Düsseldorf, Germany, served as a spiritual detonator that awoke a continent in a long spiritual slumber and brought it back to the arms of the Lord. The largest number gathered for an event of its kind in Germany's Christian history witnessed firsthand the marvelous manifestations of God's power, and via 4 satellites the proceedings from the Festival were broadcast live to 76 countries around the globe. In attendance were pastors and layman brothers and sisters from 40 nations including such European Union countries as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, and territories from the former Yugoslavia, while journalists from the United States, Russia, Israel, and Honduras reported the news of the Festival to the rest of the world.

[The 2004 Peru Healing Crusade]
Held with more than 500,000 people brought together at Campo de Marte Park in the capital of Lima, the Peru Festival took place amidst firm support and cooperation from political, financial, and church leaders and the press of the Latin American country. Prior to the Festival, Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee visited President Alejandro Toledo at the presidential residence, exchanged warm dialogues, and prayed with the President for Peru and its people. The largest crusade in the history of Christianity in Peru, the Festival elevated the perception and status of Korea in South America, and is thought to have contributed a great deal to the revival of Christianity in Peru.

[The 2006 Democratic Republic of the Congo Miracle Healing Festival]
Held at "Martyr's Stadium" and "Triumph Boulevard 1997" in the DR Congo's capital city of Kinshasa, the Festival transformed a continent drenched with blood into a land of life, harmony, and blessing. President Joseph Kabila invited Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's entourage to the presidential residence for a friendly exchange, requested his prayer, and promised to support the Festival in any way possible. The Vice President and other high-ranking government officials also attended the Crusade at which they witnessed God's power firsthand and gave glory to Him, confessing, "Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee truly is a man of God!"

[The New York Crusade 2006]
At New York City's Madison Square Garden, colloquially known as "The World's Most Famous Arena," manifestations of God's explosive power were more evident. Proceedings from the Crusade were carried live to more than 200 countries on the premier Christian satellite network Daystar, which allowed the countless around the world to simultaneously experience God's time-and-space-transcending power of healing. The Crusade also served to bring a spiritually corrupt United States to its knees before God and back to Him. In recognition of this, Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee received Plaques of Appreciation and Citation from the New York State Assembly and Senate, as well as the New York City Council.

[Israel United Crusade 2009]
Israel is the birthplace of the gospel, but they do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. In 2009, Dr. Jaerock Lee conducted the Israel United Crusade in the International Convention Center in the Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel and boldly proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Messiah. This crusade was broadcast live to 220 nations. While praying for the sick during the crusade, according to the requests from many Israeli pastors, he prayed for the problems of long drought and the spreading of swine flu in Israel. Since then, the number of swine flu victims dramatically decreased, and heavy showers of rain came down from the next day after the crusade, and it quenched the famine. The great name of God the Creator was magnified.

[Estonian Miracle Healing Crusade 2010]
The Estonian Miracle Healing Crusade 2010 held at the Saku Suurhall Arena in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia on October 30th and 31st 2010, was recorded as the most attended Christian event in the Estonian history. This event was not broadcast live only on Life TV, a nation-run Estonian Christian TV station but also to 220 nations via satellites, cable TV, aired TV and the Internet. It was characterized by resolutions of many unbelievers and numerous healing works. Hereafter many more amazing works are expected to happen in Europe.