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2010 Estonia Crusade
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Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
2000 Uganda
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  "2000 Uganda Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Rev. Jae-Rock Lee" was held from July 5 to 9 in Kampala, Uganda and ended successfully.
It was held under the auspices of the Arrangement Committee including Uganda Church Association and became an object of Ugandan Government and the press' attention.
Jehoash Myanza Nkangi, the Minister of Justice, Samuel Rubunda, a Presidential Aide of Religion, the mayor of Kampala and members of the National Assembly welcomed Rev. Jae-Rock Lee and his mission team at Enttebe airport courteously. They also held a reception dinner for Rev. Lee and his mission team. Minister Nkangi said in a welcome address of reception dinner, "I welcome Rev. Jae-Rock Lee and his mission team who came to Uganda far from South Korea in order to preach the words of God. I hope that the Christians mount up to a third of Ugandan be full of the Holy Spirit and unbelievers accept Jesus Christ as the savior through Rev. Lee's preaching."