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2009 Israel
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2006 Congo
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Bringing This Nation to the Lord Jesus Christ!

By regularly dispatching its Nissi Orchestra, Volunteer Corps, choirs, and ushers to such nationwide Christian events as "The Jubilee Crusade for the Reunification of South and North," "The Fasting Prayer Meeting for Korea Its People," and "Violence Free School hosted by The Association of Evangelization of Public Prosecutors," Manmin Central Church actively participates in a variety of activities hosted or sponsored by the Christian circle and spearheads the efforts to evangelize the Korean people.

Through its supports and collaboration in such regional events as "The Great Festival for the Unity of the Elderly and the Young," the Church also shares the love of Our Lord and preaches the Gospel and, with its sisterhood relationships with military bases around the country, joint worship services, and performances during visits, is also working vigorously to spread the Gospel to the armed forces of Korea.

Established in preparation for the opening of North Korea, members of "The North Korea Mission" are currently equipping themselves with fervent prayer and with the Word, and by hosting "The Event of Love for the North Korean Escapees" from time to time, they are making every effort to become the most effective missionaries to North Korea.