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Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
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  The Largest Crusade in Peru's Christian History! The 2004 Peru Great United Crusade with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

Peru, a country full of dazzling remains of the Inca heritage, was set ablaze by the fire of the Holy Spirit. From Thursday, December 2 to Saturday, December 4, 2004, at Campo de Marte in the Peruvian capital city of Lima, "The 2004 Peru Great United Crusade" (Felipe Huamani Reyes, Chairman of the Preparation Committee) took place. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to hear the Gospel of sanctification, and countless people stood up from their wheelchairs and threw away crutches while people who had been suffering from all kinds of diseases including AIDS received healing. The thunderous explosion of the power greatly glorified God. Prior to the Crusade, the Rev. Jaerock Lee visited Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo at the presidential residence, exchanged a warm dialogue, and prayed for Peru, the president, and his family.