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Overseas Mission
Mission Status
2010 Estonia Crusade
2009 Israel Crusade
2006 New York Crusade
2006 Congo Crusade
2004 Peru Crusade
2004 Germany Crusade
2003 Russia Crusade
2002 India Crusade
2002 Honduras Crusade
2001 Philippines Crusade
2001 Kenya Crusade
2000 Pakistan Crusade
2000 Nagoya, Japan Crusade
2000 Uganda Crusade
Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
2000 Uganda
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2000 Uganda Church Leaders' Conference & Crusade
- Period : July 5(Wed.) ~ 9(Sun.), 2000
- Place: Conference - International Conference Center
Crusade - Nakivubo
| HIT 15253 2000-07-02
2000 Uganda Church Leaders' Conference & Crusade with Rev. Jae-Rock Lee
View of "Uganda Church Leaders' Conference" (International Conference Center in Kampala)
"2000 Uganda Church Leaders
| HIT 13816 2000-07-30
Feature Story - "Uganda Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Rev. Jae-Rock Lee"
The Holiness Gospel proclaimed to Africa
A dark continent of despair and death changed to the continent of light, lif
| HIT 13001 2000-07-30
2000 Uganda Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade

"2000 Uganda Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Rev. Jae-Rock Lee" was held from July 5 to 9 in Kampala, Ug
| HIT 12076 2000-08-20
2000 Japan Nagoya Miracle Convention
"2000 Nagoya Miracle Convention" is held at Nagoya Harbor Hall from September 14 to 16 under the auspices of the United
| HIT 11026 2000-09-10
2000 Pakistan Church Leaders' Seminar and Healing Crusade
"2000 Pakistin Church Leaders' Seminar and Healing Crusade"is held at Pakistan Railway Stadium from October 19 to 22 und
| HIT 9989 2000-10-22
[Special 2] Handkerchief Crusade : Uganda Kampala Handkerchief Crusade ended up a great success
(Speaker: Rev. Dr. Myong-Ho Cheong, Place: Nakivubo Stadium)
Attended by a total of 140 thousand people! Fiery works
| HIT 9167 2005-05-21
A Journey to Africa Where a New Chapter of the Book of Acts is Being Written!
- Countless signs and wonders, and extraordinary miracles are manifested through handkerchiefs on which Rev. Dr. Jaerock
| HIT 9541 2005-05-23
Taking the lead in accomplishing the national evangelization and world mission
It has become a witness of the Lord in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth

| HIT 10542 2005-10-09
[The Works of the Holy Spirit] The Gospel of Sanctification and Powerful Works of God shake the whole world and quench spiritual thirst
1. Ministry in Asia Since a Manmin branch church was established in Ida City in 1994 by a Korean missionary, many bran
| HIT 14981 2006-10-09
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