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2010 Estonia Crusade
2009 Israel Crusade
2006 New York Crusade
2006 Congo Crusade
2004 Peru Crusade
2004 Germany Crusade
2003 Russia Crusade
2002 India Crusade
2002 Honduras Crusade
2001 Philippines Crusade
2001 Kenya Crusade
2000 Pakistan Crusade
2000 Nagoya, Japan Crusade
2000 Uganda Crusade
Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
2000 Uganda
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Remarkable miracles appeared through the handkerchief prayer with power of creation in Philippines Aklan state and Manilla 3 Cities Tour Crusade
"God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to t
| HIT 9223 2001-08-26
2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade

A sensation : the word of life and tremendous works of power of God were proclaimed
A crusade with the congratula
| HIT 9041 2001-10-07
2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Rev. Jae-Rock Lee
Church Leaders' Conference - Sep. 26(Wed) ~ Sep. 27(Thr) / PICC
United Crusade - Sep. 27(Thr) ~ Sep. 29(Sat) / Luneta
| HIT 9484 2001-10-07
Congratulatory Message from the president of the Philippines

I am happy to convey my sincerest greetings to the officers and members of Manmin World Mission on the occasion of t
| HIT 9741 2001-10-07
2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade

The crusade was held with a great interest of the president of the Philippines and her government. She sent a congra
| HIT 9567 2001-10-28
Feature Story : The Philippines Church leaders' Conference and Crusade
The 2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade was held successfully at Philippines
International Confer
| HIT 8597 2001-10-28
The ninth Vision Trip of MMTC to the Philippines

From 12th to 20th of December 2003, MMTC (Manmin Missionary Training Center) had the ninth Vision Trip to the Philip
| HIT 8588 2003-11-30
A missionary sent to the Philippines

On the 21st of August, Manmin Joong-ang Church commissioned Deaconess Sook Sung as a missionary to the Philippines.
| HIT 8151 2005-08-28
A Letter from Overseas Missionaries - Extraordinary miracles are also happening in the Philippines!
My Dear Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee,
All of the brothers and sisters of Cavite Manmin Church and I are so happ
| HIT 9205 2005-09-07
GCN Programs Broadcast throughout the Philippines

GCN broadcast on a number of Filipino cable TV channels
GCN (Global Christian Network) programs produced by Manmi
| HIT 7561 2005-11-27
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